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The Sex Reimagined Podcast


Imagined a World Where Sex Is Shame Free, Pleasure Forward & Sacred


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Our hope for our audience is that sexual trauma can be healed so that pleasure can be unleashed.


Shame can be eliminated so that freedom can shine. Judgments can be transformed so that curiosity can help you see truer. And your heart can open wide so that love can take you deeper.



Welcome to The Sex Reimagined Podcast!


On the Sex Reimagined Podcast, we know sexuality can be a loaded topic, which is why providing you with the richest, most valuable content with lots of humor and deep introspection is what makes our show so unique. 


We believe every-Body has the right to feel sexually empowered and richly aligned with pleasure, even if sex has felt like a lost cause for a looong time.




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The conversations get pretty juicy on the Sex Reimagined Podcast between co-hosts Leah Piper and Dr. Willow Brown, your in-house Tantra & Taoist Sexology Experts.

Each week they host industry leaders who share their stories, research, methods, practices, and insights so we can all participate in reimagining this new world together.  These Sexpert-on-Sexpert interviews take our understanding of sexuality to new heights, as it will yours. 


It's never a dull moment on the Sex Reimagined Podcast because your hosts are unafraid to get vulnerable, naked, and honest with you.

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Hi there, meet the founders —

When Your Tao and Tantra Experts Come Together 


Dr. Willow Brown is a Chinese Medicine doctor, Functional Medicine expert & internationally recognized teacher of Taoist Sexology. She bridges sexuality, spirituality and medicine so that her students and patients truly understand how to use their sexual energy to create the life they desire.


Over the last 20 years Leah Piper has taught thousands of couples and individuals all over the world through her school More Love Works® She is an intimacy expert with multiple advanced certifications in Tantra Yoga, Positive Psychology, and Somatic Therapies. Leah knows firsthand just how challenging relationships and sex can be. But through her journey with tantra, she learned to understand sexual healing and the profound power of intimacy, as a result she overcame her own sexual challenges, and now it’s her mission to help others do the same. 


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Grab our 3 Secrets to Hot Spiritual Sex

Start making sex a more beautiful & a spiritual experience today