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Reimagine a world where Sex is Shame Free, Pleasure Forward, and Sacred!

Hosted by Dr. Willow Brown Brown and Leah Piper

Tao Meets Tantra: Foundations to Sexual Mastery

All you want out of love is somebody who sees you,

loves you, and cherishes you, someone you can adventure with

both in and out of the bedroom. 


Tao Meets Tantra: Foundations to Sexual Mastery, is a journey into discovering, uncovering and getting intimate with your Inner Beloved, so that you can receive the love and create intimacy with your outer Beloved.  

We want you to do this with absolute confidence, and that comes from knowing yourself.  Knowing your likes and dislikes, knowing what turns you on, and knowing how to ask for that is all part of the path to Outer Beloved.

You will know if this is the next step in your journey when you click this link and start reading more about Tao Meets Tantra: Foundations to Sexual Mastery

Take this opportunity to practice being in relationship with your Inner Beloved, listen to the calling of your heart. 

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Meet your Podcast Hosts and Sexuality Experts!

Dr. Willow Brown is a Chinese Medicine doctor, Functional Medicine expert & internationally recognized teacher of Taoist Sexology.  She bridges sexuality, spirituality and medicine so that her students and patients truly understand how to use their sexual energy to create the life they desire. With over 2 decades of experience she expertly blends modalities, such as Tantra, Taoist yoga, Qi gong, Acupuncture, Nutrition, and Cranial Sacral. She takes her patients from shame and pain in their sex lives to a thriving, potent, connected relationship to their sexuality.

Over the last 20 years Leah Piper has taught thousands of couples and individuals all over the world through her school More Love Works® and as the lead female facilitator at Source School of Tantra Yoga®, supporting her students to elevate sex to an art form.  By learning ancient, modern, and therapeutic techniques her students have discovered that sex unlocks the keys to having a passionate, loving, and spiritually fulfilling life.

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So much needed to be reminded of the delicious infinite possibilities available, that I choose to open to to expand the painful limits of deprivation I've been hiding in. 

SxR Summit Attendee
SxR Student

This year is a year of healing, acceptance and love. I am truly embracing the journey and you have made it more relevant to me.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Thanks for inviting me to your Sex Reimagined series: a diverse, powerful group of people each sharing their own path and wisdom in direct, powerful ways! 

Mark SxR Summit Attendee