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#48 - Exploring Primal Sexuality with Court Vox

Season #2


Court Vox is an acclaimed somatic Sex & Intimacy Coach, a member of the World Association of Sex Coaches, Founder of The Body Vox, and Co-Founder of SQUIRM. He guides a vast spectrum of individuals seeking more in their erotic and intimate lives. 



▪️ Unlike regular therapy, Vox uses touch & body-based exercises rather than just talking to help clients move past obstacles like guilt and shame to embrace their desires fully.

▪️ He shared with us how sexy getting into your  “animal body” can be and how “care” is key element in any sexual play. 

▪️ Court discusses his work with male sexual shame, especially prevalent among gay men facing societal, religious, and cultural shame.

▪️ We explored the importance of communication in the BDSM world and the freedom of playing out forbidden fantasies.

▪️ He explains how to create true sexual tension between partners and the importance of aftercare, praise, and attunement.



[00:05] Introducing Court Vox

[02:12] Interview With Court Vox

[03:38] Permission To Be Too Much With Attention To Impact

[08:23] Unleashed Primal Desire To Take & Be Taken Is Made Even Better With Attention To Attunement & After Care.

[10:38] The Heart & Magic Derived From Bdsm Might Surprise You

[16:33] What Is Animal Body?

[20:12] Male Sexual Shame

[26:31] Size Does Matter Just Not In The Way You Think It Does

[32:52] Getting Unstuck; Just Name It. 

[34:38] Generating Sexual Tension

[38:52] What Makes Guilt Dangerous When It Comes To Sex?

[42:45] Fetishizing Or Shame Or Fears

[52:08] Labeling Projections As Intuition

[57:36] Looking For What's Right Vs What's Wrong

[59:48] How Can You Work With Court?

[01:00:53] Boudoir Photoshoots At The Back-To-The-Body Retreats

[01:03:43] Squirm - Sensation Play Box Subscription. 

[01:04:24] The Dish



Visit Court’s Website

Check out Court’s Online Community & Intimacy Course

Check his work with Back To The Body

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