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A World Where Sex Is Shame Free, Pleasure Forward & Sacred




Meet Dr. Willow Brown

Willow holds a doctorate Chinese Medicine. She blends ancient taoist philosophy with sexual and spiritual practices that ignite the souls true calling. She is devoted to the sexual healing of humanity and works to promote and open receptive pleasure pathways in each person she works with.As the pleasure pathways open you up on a cellular level, your experiences deep sensuality and love, you shift somatically.

Clearing away all previous pretenses about who you are and who you should be so that you may become who you are. According to modern neurological studies being in peace, happiness and bliss is better for a long and happy life than any diet fad, exercise regime or supplements.
These avenues to health and vitality can augment the inner peace and happiness that you will arrive at when you work with Dr. Willow. She works with her clients and patients on every level, physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological. You will not find a more holistic approach to a long happy and healthy life. 





Meet Leah Piper

Leah Piper, co-founder of the Sex Reimagined Podcast and founder of More Love Works, is an intimacy expert with multiple advanced certifications in Tantra Yoga, Positive Psychology, and Somatic Therapies. With over two decades of experience facilitating groups and supporting couples and individuals in her private practice, she's witnessed thousands of people heal from sexual trauma and awaken sleeping pleasures. And it all started with a little book on tantric sex that she stumbled upon 20+ years ago that completely transformed her life.


As someone who had a rocky start to their own sexuality, Leah knows firsthand just how challenging relationships and sex can be. But through her journey with tantra, she learned to understand sexual healing and the profound power of intimacy, as a result she overcame her own sexual challenges, and now it’s her mission to help others do the same.


Let’s work together to break down the hurt and taboo surrounding sex, overcome the anxiety of deeper intimacy, and embrace all our awkward parts so we can feel the sublime beauty of sexuality. Tantra isn’t just about sex—it’s a practice of becoming more conscious of what separates us from love so we can have a rich and satisfying intimate life enhanced by profound pleasure.


With my expertise in the ancient tantric arts, the science of well-being, and modern somatic therapies, I’m here to help you reclaim your sexuality and experience mind-blowing, leg-shaking, incredible orgasms. So, are you ready to create something truly phenomenal? Let’s get started!






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