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Male Orgasms
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Transform Your Intimacy: Become The Lover You've Always Dreamed Of (valued at $127)

Easily increase your connection and intimacy without having to sacrifice your authenticity or freedom.

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Tao Meets Tantra
(valued at $3000)

Easily Uplevel your Desirability, Confidence, and Orgasmic Success without having to Spend a Fortune, or Find a Partner to Practice with.

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The Male G-spot and the Power of the Prostate (valued at $1500)

Discover the erotic potential of anal orgasms for men without embarrassment or fear of discomfort.

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Vaginal Orgasms; Discovering the Divine Feminine within 
(valued at $1300)

Awaken the Female G-spot to get in touch with your Inner Goddess, discover the profound opening of heart and body that occurs when you open the power centers within the vagina.  Pssst... the G-spot is only one of several, learn all of them here.

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The King & Queen of Hearts
(valued at $500)

 A Tantric journey to the Heart of the Beloved. Dr. Willow and Leah's favorite tantric practices all wrapped up for you to create more meaningful intimate adventures that are hot, passionate and keep you coming back for more.

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Yoni Empowerment 101
(valued at $197)

Discover the Divine Feminine within.  Give your yoni the love she deserves. Empower yourself in with this step by step journey which includes jade egg practices and vulva witnessing, to name a few. 

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Dr. Willow’s Hormone Happiness Kit
(valued at $300) 

Your hormones are not only the foundation to your sex drive and desire, but they color the way you feel emotionally. So if your emotions are running the show, then you likely need to bring more balance to your hormones.

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4 Orgasmic Pathways You Need to Know


Did you know your brain is the biggest sex organ in the body? By stimulating different nerve plexus' your body sends different styles of orgasms to the brain, causing all sorts of different sensations.

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Introduction to Amrita (Female Ejaculation)


Embark on an enlightening exploration into the mysteries and wonders of female ejaculation. Gain invaluable insights and deepen your understanding of this natural phenomenon in a respectful, educational setting.

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How to Give a Tantra Ritual to a Woman


Discover the art of Tantric rituals and enrich the sensual connection with your partner. This comprehensive course offers an in-depth understanding of how to perform Tantra rituals for women, fostering a deeper, more meaningful bond. Learn to empower and inspire, unlocking the secrets of ancient Tantric practices for a transformative experience.

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How to Give a Tantra Ritual to a Man



Delve into the world of Tantric rituals specifically designed for men. This course is dedicated to enhancing connection and intimacy through ancient and revered Tantric practices. Learn how to deepen your understanding and skills in creating meaningful and transformative experiences, fostering a profound bond and heightened sensual awareness.

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Strokes For Maximum Pleasure


This comprehensive program offers over 10 specialized techniques designed to enhance sensual experiences. Tailored to elevate pleasure, these methods are crafted to leave a lasting and memorable impact. Join us to master the art of touch and discover the secrets to eliciting unparalleled enjoyment.

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Stroke For Maximum Pleasure

Jade Egg Remedy


Gain access to four comprehensive modules, each meticulously crafted to guide you through the process of gently and effectively addressing emotional imbalances that may be hindering your intimate wellness. Delve into the exploration of four yoni temples, each offering a distinct path to harmony and empowerment. 

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Last 10x Longer


Unlock the secrets to lasting pleasure with 'Last 10x Longer'. This course offers valuable insights and techniques to significantly enhance your intimate experiences. Learn to transform moments of intimacy into enduring, memorable experiences.

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Overcoming Porn Addiction


This program is thoughtfully designed to provide effective strategies and supportive guidance for those seeking to overcome the challenges of porn addiction. Discover a blend of practical techniques, psychological insights, and compassionate support, all aimed at fostering lasting change. Embrace a path towards improved well-being, healthier relationships, and a more balanced life.

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