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We have put together our favorites just for YOU. These goodies will not only get you through all these intense emotions, but more importantly to get you back into pleasure.



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Our Newest Favorite Course


The Yoni Empowerment Bundle 

Normally -  $197  On Sale $47


These practices for awakening your yoni and empowering the divine feminine within you  can be used individually or you can go through all of them in one long practice. 


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Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD - $48

When applied to the clitoris, inner labia and inside the vagina, this topical oil works with your body to enhance pleasure and sensation, and help you have bigger, better orgasms. With a unique blend of broad-spectrum CBD and organic botanicals, there's no other arousal oil like Awaken. 



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The VFit Gold

Made with mid-life women in mind, the vFit Gold® Device is an Ob-Gyn designed, intimate health device that helps promote a stronger pelvic floor and more control. In just a few sessions a week, you can experience more natural lubrication, increased sensation, and a feeling of tightness.



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The Jade Egg

When used properly you can release old toxic emotions that keep you stuck and playing small. It will shift your focus to the positive things while keeping  balance and harmony between you and your partner.




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Plex with Flex Vibrator

Double motors for double the pleasure, putting you in control of endless combinations of intense vibrations. Its unique flexible base, is ergonomically designed to move with your body, providing superior comfort for all and enabling targeted prostate stimulation for those lucky enough to have one.


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Tantra Speed Date

A fresh new take on speed dating that combines a relationship skills class with a Puja-style "speed date." Whether in person or virtual, you’ll experience fun connection exercises from various practices such as; Tantra, meditation, partner yoga, actor's improv, eye gazing, dance, & more.



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Atomic Plus Cock Ring

Perfect when used solo or with a partner! Take home the ATOM PLUS cock ring, the world’s first vibrating cock ring with dual integrated motors. Its innovative design delivers deep perineum stimulation as well as intense vibrations to the top of the shaft, leading to an incredible climactic experience.

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Understanding Men & Women

Alison Armstrong unpacks the core differences between women and men, what the hunting-operating mode actually is and why women can find it confusing, plus what sex actually means for men and women on both biological and psychological levels.


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Alison Armstrong Book Bundle

A Game-Changing Three Book Bundle is the modern day women's survival guide to authentic love. 

Includes:  Keys to the Kingdom, The Queen's Code & Making Sense of Men



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Sexual Healing with Leah

A introduction to sexual healing to overcome all of the heart ache and trauma with Tantra. Learn why bad experiences from your past get stuck n your body, preventing you from feeling free and how easy unblocking them can be using touch, breath, sound, and ritual. It is time to rewire your nervous system transforming pain into pleasure. 

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