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#18 - Anal with Amy Baldwin

Season #2

Amy Baldwin,  Sex Coach, Sex Educator, Sex Podcaster, Sex Toy Shop Owner, and all-around awesome anal maven, is sharing her fresh, shame-free, and pleasure-focused perspective on all things anal. Join her and the SxR hosts for an episode you won’t soon forget!



  • Why stillness is so important
  • What lube to buy, where to apply it, and how to use it for safe anal play
  • Why understanding the distinctions between Pain & Discomfort can help get you over the hump to real anal pleasure

  • What makes Anal Orgasms different from other Orgasms
  • Best Practices for feeling squeaky clean, confident, and comfortable when having anal sex
  • Amy’s tried, true, and practiced protocol to get beginners ready for hot, anal action



[00:00] Intro for Episode #18

[04:21] Welcome Amy

[05:43] Most People Have a Negative First Time with Anal

 [06:33] Amy's Genesis Story & Her First Time Trying Anal

[10:17] Not Everyone Has to Like Anal Sex

[11:12] Leah Learns She Was Way Wrong About Anal Pleasure for Women

[13:15] Willow's Work with Pelvic Floor Release and Her First Anal Experience 

[14:32] Amy Addresses Porn

[16:36] New to Anal? Listen to Your Body and Follow these Tips

[19:03] Make Clear Agreements

[20:21] Numbing Agents - What You Need to Know

[21:40] Amy's Favorite Lube

[21:48] Let's Talk Size

[23:12] Amy Gives Us the Anal Protocol

[23:58] Stillness Before Penetration

[24:24] Fingernails Should Be Smooth and Clean

[24:44] Never Skip the Lube & Where to Apply It

[25:09] Word to The Wise - Do Your Own Ass

[25:55] Sphincter Muscles

[26:50] Why You Should Only Buy Anal Toys with a Flared Base

[28:05] More Tips When Shopping For Toys

[28:53] Njoy | Stainless Steel, Weighted Toys

[30:37] What About Poop? It's a Fair Question

[36:05] What is Deep Anal

[38:03] Reclaiming Your Pleasure After Being Harmed

[39:07] The Difference Between Pain and Discomfort When it Comes to Anal

[42:29] Eek! Has this Happened to You

[44:43] What's the difference between an anal orgasm and other orgasms

[45:42] Triple Layer Orgasm, Anyone

[47:07] Check out Kenneth Play

[50:39] The Dish



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LUBRICANT - Uber Lube  - Silicone-based 

SEX TOY - Njoy Pure Wand - Stainless Steel

SEX TOY - Air Suction Vibrator



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Co-Hosts Dr. Willow Brown & Leah Piper bring a wealth of wisdom through their combined 40 years of expertise in human sexuality, health, and spiritual growth.  Leah is a Tantric Sex Master Coach and Positive Psychology Facilitator, while Dr. Willow is a Chinese & Functional Medicine Doctor and Taoist Sexology Teacher.  When these two devotees of love come together, they blend and weave the ancient teachings of Tao and Tantra for the modern lover with humor, insight, and wisdom.


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