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#17 - 5 Stages of Intimacy, from Conversation to Penetration with Dr. Nancy Moonstarr

Season #2

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Our guest this hour is Psychologist Dr. Nancy Moonstarr, who, as a result of the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements, felt called to support men in reexamining their approach to intimacy so they experienced more success in sex by getting to the heart of what TRULY matters for their partners. Dr. Nancy takes us through her successful method, Conversation to Penetration, utilizing her 5 Stages of Intimacy. Hosts Leah and Dr. Willow especially loved her advice on helping your partner open up through communication and were intrigued by the length of time delaying penetration for the greatest vaginal orgasmic potential. Challenge Accepted! So sit back, tune in, and fall in love with Dr. Nancy!



[00:00] Introducing Dr. Nancy Moonstarr 

[01:00] The Genesis story of Dr. Nancy Moonstarr

[04:10] Only Penetrate a Women if she's at a 9 Arousal Point

[06:29] Somebody has to Work with Men like They Do Women

[07:42] Dr. Nancy's Commassionate Support Of Men Rises Fron Healing Her Own Sexual Trauma

[10:31] Teaching Verbal Communication and Emotional Depth is her Secret to Lasting Intimacy

[11:06] Conversation to Penetration | The Five Stages 

[15:25] Stage Two | Rituals

[18:38] Stage Three | Non-Sexual Touch

[23:18] Stage Four | Sexual Contact

[28:38] Roadblocks for Women

[29:54] Roadblocks for Men 

[32:11] Great Question Reframes that Most Women will Love!

[35:16] Watch Erotica that Your Comfortable with to Open up Conversation

[37:50] Women Especially Haven't been Encouraged to Speak their Sexual Truth.

[41:47] What About Anxiety Related to Maintaining Erections?

[44:08] Dr. Nancy's Advice on Premature Ejaculation

[46:45] The Down Side of Porn + the Up Side of Imagination

[53:09] What's Your Advice on Dirty Talk? 

[57:21] Dr. Nancy Moonstarr's gift

[58:51] The Dish



SEXPERT - Dr. Nancy’s Website 

SEXPERT - Dr. Nancy on Facebook

SEXPERT - FREE GIFT - 5 Stages of Intimacy, Conversation to Penetration Cheatsheet.

Use this cheat sheet to get ahead on moving past your Intimacy blocks. (*contact Nancy directly for tech support.)



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Co-Hosts Dr. Willow Brown & Leah Piper bring a wealth of wisdom through their combined 40 years of expertise in human sexuality, health, and spiritual growth.  Leah is a Tantric Sex Master Coach and Positive Psychology Facilitator, while Dr. Willow is a Chinese & Functional Medicine Doctor and Taoist Sexology Teacher.  When these two devotees of love come together, they blend and weave the ancient teachings of Tao and Tantra for the modern lover with humor, insight, and wisdom.


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