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#50 - Overcoming Triggers in Intimacy

Season #2

Leah Piper & Dr. Willow Brown illuminate the unconscious patterns we develop in childhood to protect ourselves emotionally. Understanding these innate strategies provides profound insight into our triggers & reactions in intimacy.


This episode will help listeners:

  • Better understand their own & their partner's triggers & reactions in intimacy
  • Identify childhood strategy patterns in themselves  & others
  • Gain compassion for different coping mechanisms  & communication styles
  • Learn tools to move through triggers into presence  & connection
  • Cultivate more harmony & understanding in all relationships



[00:05] Introducing Trigger Patterns In IntimacyPatterns

[02:37] The Originator - Wilhelm Reich

[04:37] How Strategy Patterns Develop

[11:27] You have a Secondary and Primary Strategy

[12:40] Type One: The Leaver 

[20:43] Type Two - The Merger

[27:55] Type Three - The Endurer

[34:36] Type Four - The Rigid 

[40:39] Type Five - The Aggressive

[45:24] The Benefits of Knowing the Strategy Types in Dating & in Partnership

[47:57] Finding Mastery with Your Strategy Type

[52:01] The Light side of Strategy Patterns

[53:06] Quick Review of the Strategies

[54:41] The Value of Learning These Strategies 

[56:21] Free Masterclass on the Strategies



Book by Steven Kessler - The 5 Personality Patterns

Book by Anodea Judith - Eastern Body Westen Mind

Book by Barbra Brennan - Hands of Light

Overcoming Triggers in Intimacy - Free Masterclass

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