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#67 LxW: Naughty Surprises in 2024; Break Out of a Rut and Rekindle Passion

Season #2

Hosts Leah Piper and Dr. Willow Brown share seven fun tips to bring more passion into relationships in the new year. This lighthearted episode focuses on ways to rekindle intimacy through practices like scheduled make-out sessions, reminiscing about falling in love, exploring desires, and breaking out of sexual routines.



  • Make-Out Night - Increase sexual tension by planning an evening of just tantric kissing and making out; no sex is allowed. 
  • Reconnect by sharing stories and looking at photos from when you first fell in love. Activate brain chemistry from that magical time.
  • Schedule an intentional 2-hour tantra session focusing solely on your partner's pleasure and body worship.
  • Take turns sharing desires without judgment, using active listening techniques. Build intimacy through vulnerability.
  • 30-Day Love Challenges - Leave little love notes for your partner around the house as a playful way to appreciate them daily.
  • Get creative by listening instead of watching visual porn during lovemaking. Let imagination run wild.
  • Break Sexual Routines and reignite passion by planning surprises like shower blowjobs, sex in the car, or Naked Shabbat.



2:12 Start of the Episode  

4:00 Practice #1 | Make-Out Night   

8:03 Practice #2 | Plan to Reminisce on Falling in Love  

12:27 Practice #3 | Tantra Rituals like Sacred Spot Massage  

16:15 Practice # 4 | Your Desire is Safe with Me  

24:33 Practice #5 | Love Notes for 30 Days  

27:08 Practice #6 | Listen to Porn Instead of Watching It  

29:14 Practice #7 | Ideas to Break the Boring Sex Routine  

38:32 Seven Practices to Rekindle Passion in the New Year Wrap-Up  


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