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Naughty Surprises in 2024; Break Out of a Rut and Rekindle Passion

Sex Reimagined
Naughty Surprises in 2024; Break Out of a Rut and Rekindle Passion


The honeymoon phase may be over, but that doesn’t mean the passion has to fizzle out! Whether you’ve been together for years or just hit a sexual lull, every relationship needs a spark now and then. 


On this week’s episode of the Sex Reimagined podcast, hosts Leah Piper and Dr. Willow Brown share tantalizing tips to bring that fiery energy back into your love life. From acting out your steamiest desires to breaking boring routines, they’ve got creative ideas to turn up the heat in 2024.


Ready to rekindle intimacy and reconnect on a deeper level with your partner? 


Here are 7 tantric techniques to try:


Scheduled Makeout Sessions 

Yes, just like horny teenagers, plan nights devoted to kissing, necking, and dry humping only. No sex allowed! All that pent up energy builds sexual tension for later.


Reminisce Over Falling in Love

We love the advice from Univeristy Professior Stefani Goerlich from SxR Episode #71 who suggested that you can Re-activate the brain chemistry from when you first fell in love by taking a trip down memory lane with your partner. Share stories, pull out old photos, and watch your hearts reconnect. 


Sacred Spot Massage 

Tantric nights are all about sensual worship of your lover's body. Take 2-3 slow hours to massage and adore their sacred spots, no goal of orgasm. If you don’t know how to get started, try these courses espicially created for you in mind from Dr. Willow and Leah!



Explore Secret Desires 

Becoming vulnerable about your deepest desires can unlock passion and intimacy. Listen without judgement and let them know their wishes are safe.


Naughty Love Notes

Leave playful, lusty little notes in surprising spots to flirt and ignite sparks daily. Keep things spicy with vivid affection.


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Get Naughty with Audio Porn 

Instead of visuals, listen to steamy audio porn during foreplay. Let sexy sounds spark creativity in bed. To get more awesome ertoica inspired tips to spice up your sex life check out SxR Episode 53 with Lala Jones - Lala's Erotic Tales & Bedtime Stories!


Go Wild with Naked Fun 

Shake things up with nude weekends lazing around, kitchen sex, or backseat action like your early days. Get adventurous again!


The truth is, amazing sex takes work...but it’s oh so rewarding. By trying new things together and making intimacy a priority, you can build a deeper connection that stands the test of time. 


Listen to Leah and Willow’s tips in full, get advice on improving your sex life, and learn how tantric techniques lead to sexual self-discovery. Here’s to passion, romance, and spicy monogamy in 2024!





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