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#81 Charles & Christy Muir 2.0: Tantric Secrets Revealed | Unlock Mind-Blowing Orgasms and Unbreakable Love

Season #2

In this captivating podcast episode, join Charles & Christy Muir, some of the biggest names in Tantra in America as they share their transformative journey from yoga to Tantra & its profound impact on their lives. Delve into their personal stories, exploring how their upbringing & parental influences shaped their perspectives on intimacy, relationships, & love. Tune in to this episode to unlock the secrets of Tantra & discover how to rewire your brain for greater intimacy & profound healing.


  • Practical techniques to break free from sexual guilt, fear, & shame
  • Daily rituals to strengthen your bond with your partner, such as the "conscious cuddle" & "magic moments"
  • Tantric practices to rewire your brain for pleasure & achieve longer, more intense orgasms
  • The art of sacred spot massage, chakra connection, & using breath and sound to enhance sexual experiences
  • How to resolve conflicts by prioritizing love & connection over being right



1:49 Introducing Charles and Christy Muir  

2:47 Charles and Christy Muir Interview  

3:33 The Path to Healing Their Sexual Shame  

13:03 We Learn Affection from Our Parents  

14:57 From Bronx Street Gang's to Studying Tantra  

19:23 Christy's Childhood and Her First Glimpse of Affection and Relationships  

22:57 Discovering Yoga and Tantra  

25:01 Charles Explains the Effect Our Chakras Have on Our Healing  

34:35 Deepening Your Conscious Mind for Sex  

39:41 Transmitting Energy from One Body to Another  

47:26 Coming Back to Love After Heartbreak  

53:45 The Practice of Magic Moments  

55:54 Practices Without a Partner  

1:00:27 Tips for Couples  

1:03:09 Charles and Christy's Free Gift  

1:09:15 The Dish with Leah & Dr. Willow  


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