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#71 - Caroline Muir: Sexual Trauma to Sexual Freedom - One Legend's Journey

Season #2

Caroline Muir, OG of the sacred sexuality world, pioneered teaching Tantra practices with her former husband, Charles Muir, bringing consciousness to sexuality across the globe since the 1980s. A prolific author and revered teacher, Caroline continues empowering women to tune into their divine feminine energy.


  • Sacred spot massage unlocks emotional healing in the yoni beyond just physical pleasure
  • Overcoming sexual trauma through patience, consciousness, and reprogramming neural pathways
  • Honoring the lingering inner child while moving through present sexual experiences
  • Nurturing friendship during and after divorce through conscious relating skills
  • Discussing variations of monogamy from mono/polyamory to “monogamish”
  • Caroline’s gift of a discovery call for interested listeners


0:00 Introducing Caroline Muir  

2:38 The Start Of Caroline’s Interview  

9:42 Sacred Spot With Women  

23:40 Tantra Goddess: A Memoir Of Sexual Awakening  

28:42 Wisdom For Young Girls Coming Of Age  

34:36 Wisdom For Mom's Of Teen Boys  

40:04 To Be Fully Healed  

48:48 Why Men Are So Loveable  

54:29 Happily Ever After, Even After  

58:26 Monogamy Or Monogamish  

1:01:58 Caroline's Gift For You!  

1:03:24 The Dish With Leah & Dr. Willow

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