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#80 Leah Piper 2.0: Sexual Shame to Sexual Freedom - How Tantra Transformed Sex After Childhood Trauma

Season #2

In this raw and inspiring episode, Tantric Sex Sexpert Leah Piper returns to share her transformative journey of healing childhood sexual trauma through Tantra and sacred sex practices. From the depths of shame to the heights of self-love and intimacy, Leah's story reveals the power of the chakra system and sacred spot massage in emotional liberation and self-acceptance. Leah's journey testifies to the resilience of the human spirit, offering hope to anyone trapped by the effects of childhood sexual trauma.



  • Tantric practices' life-changing potential for healing sexual trauma
  • Breathwork, sound healing, and visualization techniques to release stored emotions
  • The vital importance of self-love and supportive relationships in healing


3:14 Introducing Leah Piper  

3:23 Interview with Leah  

4:47 Trauma Can Be Triggered at Any Moment  

8:38 Experiencing Spiritual Confusion  

11:41 The Chakras and Healing  

13:57 The Negative Coping Mechanism's Leah Overcame  

16:47 Leah Explains her Experience with Sexual Trauma as a Child  

19:00 Power of Presence in Overcoming Sexual Trauma  

22:19 Self-Love is Crucial for Healing Your Trauma  

27:59 Overcoming the Anger and Injustice with Sound, Vibration & Touch  

36:10 Living Fully as the Manifested Version of Yourself  

37:10 Healing Through Prayer, Energy and Intention  

42:00 Ladies, Listen to Your Yoni  

44:17 The Sacred Spot vs. The G-Spot  

54:30 Behind Great Pain, there is Great Pleasure  

1:00:10 How Leah Works with Clients


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