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#78 - Christine Earthart: Growing the Good - Building a Strength Based Relationship

Season #2

Armed with a decade of experience, Christine Earthart, a remarkable relationship coach who co-founded the Center for Thriving Relationships with her husband Brett joined us today to share her insights into how couples can navigate conflicts, understand each other's needs better, and establish healthier communication patterns. 



  • The 6 Pillars of building a strength-based relationship
  • How to grow the good in with weekly ‘conscious’ date nights
  • Understanding your role within your relationship dynamics: are you a pursuer or withdrawer?
  •  And the healing magic of building secure attachments


1:49 Introducing Christine Earthart  

3:05 Interview with Christine Earthart  

3:33 Christine Earthhart's Journey to Relationship Coaching  

5:52 The Power of Conscious Date Nights and Relationship Transformation  

10:04 Expanding Impact: Training Coaches in Relationship Wisdom  

14:20 The Love Account: A Simple Strategy for Relationship Resilience  

16:18 I Love When You....  

19:08 Understanding the Dynamics of Pursuers and Withdrawers  

27:26 Taking Responsibility for Relationship Dynamics  

33:26 The Power of Communication in Resolving Conflicts  

35:34 The Journey to Becoming a Relationship Coach  

39:35 Addressing Sexual Trauma in Relationships  

42:16 The Role of Personal Growth in Relationship Success  

45:28 The Pursuit of Secure Attachment in Relationships  

49:21 Recommended Reads for Relationship Enrichment  

53:25 The Dish with Leah and Dr. Willow


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