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#66 - Polina Solda: The Compatibility Cure; Why Traditional Dating Advice Keeps Failing You

Season #2

Polina Solda is the Founder and CEO of Love by Design and host of the Find the Right Man Podcast. She’s a Master Certified Love and Dating Coach who helps women find love and is the leading Eniostyle Expert in the U.S. 



1:49 Introducing Polina Solda  

2:35 Interview with Polina Solda  

4:33 What is Eniostyle Personality Typing?  

11:52 Compatibility  

17:05 How Polina Learned Eniostyle  

21:19 Bridget Jones Diary Example  

25:10 Strategies Are Different for Each Type  

27:11 Challenges to Overcome If Your Current Partner is Not Compatible with Your Type  

34:46 In One Word, What is Life About For You?  

40:06 All the Ways to Learn from Polina  

43:02 Client Success Story  

44:44 Free Consultation  

45:56 The Dish with Leah & Dr. Willow



  • Polina explains how the Eniostyle system is based on 4 main psychological personality types.
  • She’ll help you understand your dominant personality type and recognize your ideal partner's type for compatibility. 
  • Polina shares a powerful question to ask yourself and potential partners to identify their dominant personality type quickly.
  • She uses celebrity examples to illustrate compatibility between personality types.
  • Polina offers tips for people already in relationships with non-compatible personality types. 
  • She emphasizes how you develop strengths in your secondary type.
  • We hear a success story of a client who found her ideal partner after struggling for years using generic dating tactics.



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