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#64 - Devi Ward Erickson 2.0: From Monk to Tantra Master - One Woman's Sexual Awakening

Season #2

Sexpert Devi Ward Erickson returns to the Sex Reimagined Podcast. She is a trauma survivor who has healed from sexual and racial trauma through Tantric sexual and non-sexual practice. She founded the world’s first government-accredited school for Tantric sexual healing and the world’s first advanced degree in lineage-based Tantric methods for holistic sexual healing. By engaging in tantric rituals, meditation, and somatic awareness, she believes individuals can unlock profound states of pleasure and bliss that extend far beyond the physical realm.


  • How you can Heal from Personal and Societal Trauma
  • Why you Need to Meditate Before you Masturbate
  • What is a Kriya? How does it Help move you from Sexual healing to sexual pleasure
  • Why letting go of attachment is crucial to enlightening orgasms.
  • Why the best thing a parent can do to teach their children about healthy sexuality is to heal themselves.





0:00 Introducing Devi Ward Erickson  

1:10 Interview with Devi Ward Erickson  

6:22 Healing from Societal Trauma  

17:58 Meditate Before you Masturbate  

20:48 What is a Kriya, How does it Help Heal  

30:27 Bliss is the opposite of attachment  

36:11 What we are doing to eradicate shame  

38:16 How parents can support their teens in coming of age  

41:52 Shame is a cry for Love  

48:40 Certification  

50:53 Free Gift  

52:17 The Dish with Leah & Dr. Willow


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