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#33 - The Egoless Orgasm with Devi Ward Erickson

Season #2


Devi Ward Erickson, author, podcast host, and Founder of the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education describes how orgasm can lead you to enlightenment, altered bliss states can dissolve painful truama, and how non-dualistic practices overlap with anti-racist consciousness. It’s no wonder this powerful goddess has managed to be the first and only government accredited institute teaching Tantra thus far. So tune in and fall in love with Devi Ward Erikson.



▪️ Devi describes the true goal of tantra yoga and what every seeker should know before choosing a neo-tantra teacher.

▪️ You’ll discover that the five elements of this tradition - earth, water, fire, air, and space are an antidote to one of the five root poisons of human emotion: anger, attachment, pride, jealousy, and ignorance.

▪️ You’ll hear stories of students completely shut down from orgasm, go through Devi’s 5 element healing process and completely recover their pleasure that for years has been numbed out.

▪️ Enlightenment is basically summed up by the experience of bliss, equanimity, openness, clarity, and joy, and to have that look a little closer at how far you can extend those orgasms.





[00:00] Introducing Devi Ward Erikson

[01:18] How can Sex get us to Enlightenment?

[05:29] Devi's Journey - Healing Sexual Trauma using Bliss

[10:54] Sexual Healing using the Tibetan 5 Elements Tantric Tradition

[21:30] Growing up with Racism, Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse

[32:43] Racism as a Source of Trauma

[40:54] What else is Juicy at work these Days? 

[44:47] Becoming a Tibetan 5 Element Tantra Teacher

[50:04] Devi's Generous Free Offer 

[52:15] Let's Dish on Dev





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