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#61 - Dr. Glenn & Phyllis Hill: From 25 Years of Pain to Passion: Secrets to Emotional Intimacy

Season #2

Dr. Glenn and Phyllis Hill spent the first 30 years of their marriage dealing with major conflicts, especially when it came to their sex life, which inspired his reason to become a Marriage and family Therapist and a Clinical Sexologist. In this vulnerable conversation, Phyllis and Glenn reveal their journey from a disastrous wedding night to having the best sex of their lives in their 60s. They share hard-won insights like the 19-second rule to end triggers, why reassurance can damage relationships, and their innovative Core Emotion Wheel technique. 

After 45 years together, Glenn and Phyllis are living proof that emotional intimacy only gets better with time. Join them to discover the secrets that can get your relationship out of blame and into love.



  • The one question to ask that instantly diffuses fights and triggers 
  • Why their therapeutic work failed and how they developed a new emotional framework
  • Why children connect better than adults and how to reactivate your natural wiring
  • The Secret Code to Access Your Partner's Nervous System (and how it can bring you closer in seconds)
  • Learn the Core Emotion Wheel: A Simple Roadmap to Your Partner's Heart



0:05 Introducing Dr. Glenn and Phyllis Hill  

1:25 Interview with Dr. Glenn and Phyllis Hill  

2:22 A Terrible Start to Happily Ever After  

6:55 The Infamous Dishwasher Story  

15:27 The Best Sex Requires an Emotional Connection  

20:16 Why vs What Happens  

26:52 The Connection Codes > Lonely, Sad, Hurt, Fear, Anger, Fear disgust, Pleasure, and Pain  

36:40 Reassurance May Be Taking Your Relationship In The Wrong Direction!  

42:59 Responses That Convey Presence, Listening, and Empathy  

49:28 Getting in Touch with What Your Emotions Are & What They Feel Like  

51:22 Core Emotion Wheel Demo  

1:00:22 Coupon Code for the Foundations Masterclass  

1:01:29 The Dish with Leah & Dr. Willow




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