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#21 - Unlocking the Power of Pleasure by Healing Negative Beliefs with Lauren Harkness

Season #2


  • You’ll relate to this episode if you’ve ever suffered from body shame, have a history of dissociating during sex or have traversed a promiscuous period in your teens.
  • This episode will inspire you if getting in touch with a deep-abiding ability to trust yourself and the universe is something you’ve longed for.
  • You’ll love this episode if healing negative beliefs and becoming a sexually sovereign thriving human is a passion in your life. 



Lauren Harkness, the Co-Founder of The Tantra Institute of NY, shares her story of how tantra and plant medicine cleared beliefs of not being good enough, beautiful enough, or orgasmic enough. Her experience in exploring deep sexual healing work and the exponential growth it provides will have you reimagining what’s possible in your own intimate life - without a doubt!



[00:00] Introduction

[02:00] A Librarian's Daughter 

[05:15] 4 Minute Orgasms

[09:33] Judgement Obstacles - from self, from culture, from others

[11:24] Plant Medicine & Kundalini are speaking different languages but saying the same thing.

[14:51] Who are you after healing and transforming so much?

[16:21] Lauren's Work with Women

[20:18] The Power of Community 

[23:20] Tools for Couples 

[24:31] Advice for singles searching for the beloved

[27:19] Giving + Receiving

[36:01] The Role of Shamanism in Healing Work

[40:24] Trusting Your Intuition vs. Your Head

[42:41] Learning how to Trust the Unknown & the Mystery

[46:50] Why no one hiring her made her a ton of money.

[52:38] Free Gift from Lauren

[53:43] Parting advice to someone new just stating their awakening journey....

[55:48] The Dish



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SEXPERT - FREE GIFT - Lauren’s Grounding Meditation for Clarity, Peace, and Wisdom


Co-Hosts Dr. Willow Brown & Leah Piper bring a wealth of wisdom through their combined 40 years of expertise in human sexuality, health, and spiritual growth.  Leah is a Tantric Sex Master Coach and Positive Psychology Facilitator, while Dr. Willow is a Chinese & Functional Medicine Doctor and Taoist Sexology Teacher.  When these two devotees of love come together, they blend and weave the ancient teachings of Tao and Tantra for the modern lover with humor, insight, and wisdom.


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