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The Exploring Primal Sexuality & the Secret to Transformational Intimacy

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Sex Reimagined
The Exploring Primal Sexuality & the Secret to Transformational Intimacy

A Conversation with Somatic Sex Coach Court Vox


Intimacy has the power to heal, empower, and profoundly transform our lives. Yet for many, deep intimacy remains elusive, blocked by layers of shame, trauma, and societal conditioning around sexuality. 


That’s where somatic sex coach Court Vox comes in. Vox guides clients on a journey beyond cultural obstacles like religion, sexual trauma, and restrictive beliefs to embrace their deepest desires and truths. His groundbreaking somatic techniques involve body-based exercises and hands-on touch to facilitate change on a core, nervous system level. 


In this wide-ranging conversation, Vox shares his wisdom on:

▪️ Helping women give voice to boundaries, desires, and reclaim their innate right to pleasure. He encourages them to move past being “too much” to owning their bigness, then refining that energy to avoid steamrolling others’ boundaries. 

▪️ Navigating complex layers of shame among gay men and marginalized communities stemming from society, family, religion, and more. Vox provides a space for healing these deep wounds.

▪️ Using “animal body” energy for primal (yet conscious) sexual expression. This powerful embodiment practice helps bypass the overthinking mind. 

▪️ Incorporating care and attunement into BDSM for profound healing. Vox debunks myths about BDSM as degrading, elucidating the deep trust and vulnerability underlying conscious kink.

▪️ Transforming body image through practices like boudoir photography. By being photographed at his retreats, clients build confidence and reconnect with their beauty. 

▪️ Creating true sexual chemistry through energetic “tension” and polarity. Vox demonstrates how to tangibly build tension, rather than just using a partner for release. 

▪️ Safely exploring fantasies and healing shame by bringing light to taboos, not repressing them. As Vox says, “Pleasure is healing.”

▪️ Holding space for clients to safely live out fantasies during extended immersive retreats. Vox offers rare experiences tailored to various needs.


Next Steps:

If you are seeking to deepen intimacy and embodiment in your relationships, this interview provides an invaluable toolkit. Listen and learn somatic practices to enhance intimacy, heal shame, generate sexual polarity, and tap into your erotic “animal body”. 


The wisdom shared in this sex-positive dialogue can help anyone ready to courageously explore their edges – and realize their full potential for connection. Keep an eye out for future interviews diving deeper into topics like BDSM, same-sex dynamics, and more.



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