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#91 Dan Powers & Elizabeth Wood Heal Sexual Pain & Unlock Pleasure

Season #2

In this episode, we're excited to introduce you to Elizabeth Wood and Dan Powers, a couple dedicated to helping others overcome sexual pain, shame, and disconnection. With Elizabeth's focus on vulva and vaginal pain and Dan's expertise as a surrogate partner therapist, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the conversation.



How to overcome religious trauma and sexual shame that block pleasure The mind-body connection between pelvic floor pain, trauma, and negative anticipation Using surrogate partner therapy to help clients navigate emotions and maintain healthy boundaries Rewiring neural pathways through sensory experiences to enhance pleasure and heal pain


0:00 Introduction to Dan and Elizabeth  

2:34 Welcome to the Sex Reimagined Podcast  

4:17 Exploring Religious Trauma and Shame  

7:15 Elizabeth's Work with Sexual Pain  

10:26 The Importance of Pleasure Beyond Sexuality  

19:17 Surrogate Partner Therapy Explained  

22:22 The Pleasure Prescription Book  

24:12 The Role of Arousal in Reducing Pain  

27:49 The Connection Between Sensuality and Everyday Pleasures  

45:20 Introducing Sensuality and Pleasure  

46:47 Pleasure Calibration and Solo Practices  

48:09 Dan's Approach to Pleasure Engineering  

50:45 Collaborative Client Work  

54:02 Addressing Male Pelvic Pain  

55:33 The Impact of Trauma on Pelvic Pain  

59:46 The Connection Between Jaw and Pelvic Tension  

1:02:46 Navigating Professional and Personal Boundaries  

1:06:53 Free Gifts and Resources for Listeners  

1:10:02 The Dish with Leah & Dr. Willow


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SxR #35 | Surrogate partner Therapy with Dan Powers

Book | The Pleasure Prescription by Elizabeth Wood & Dee Hartman

Free Gift | Dan's 5 Tips to Pleasuring a Women

Free Gift | Elizabeth & Dee’s 5 Exercises to Decrease Pain

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