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#90 Michelle Oravitz: Fertility Acupuncture | Unlocking Your Reproductive Potential

Season #2

Are you struggling with irregular periods, low libido, or fertility challenges? Discover how acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help you optimize your reproductive health and unlock your fertility potential in this enlightening episode with Michelle Oravitz. Tune in now and discover the power of acupuncture, moon cycle awareness, and the mind-body connection.


  • How acupuncture helped Michelle overcome her own fertility struggles and inspired her to change careers
  • The surprising connection between your menstrual cycle, libido, and fertility
  • Why a holistic approach is key to diagnosing and treating fertility issues
  • Practical tools for getting in tune with your body and supporting fertility naturally
  • Strategies for navigating the emotional challenges of trying to conceive



0:00 Introduction and Welcoming Michelle Oravitz  

3:28 From Architecture to Acupuncture: Michelle's Transformative Journey  

8:59 Balancing Women's Menstrual Cycles and Marketing Challenges  

12:33 Diagnosing Fertility Issues: A Comprehensive Approach  

13:18 Addressing Low Libido: A Holistic Perspective  

15:32 Understanding the Menstrual Cycle Phases and Basal Body Temperature  

25:58 Navigating the Emotional Challenges of Trying to Conceive  

27:49 Nurturing Creativity and Sexuality Through the Second Chakra  

32:10 Freeing Up Energy for Enhanced Vitality and Sexuality  

32:48 The Mind-Body Connection: Cultivating Body Awareness  

35:02 The Power of Breath Awareness and Heart-Brain Coherence  

37:49 Exploring the Heart-Uterus Connection and Oxytocin  

40:03 Recommended Books for Personal Transformation and Fertility  

42:31 Wrapping Up and Introducing Michelle's Podcast


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