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#89 Leah & Dr. Willow: Mastering Ejaculatory Choice for Ultimate Vitality and Well-being

Season #2

Ready to take your pleasure to the next level? In this juicy episode of the Sex Reimagined Podcast, we're diving deep into the tantalizing world of ejaculatory choice. Join Leah Piper and Dr. Willow Brown as they spill the secrets to unlocking mind-blowing orgasms, mastering your arousal, and supercharging intimacy with your partner.



Discover the crucial difference between orgasms and ejaculation (trust us, it's a game-changer!) Learn tried-and-true techniques to last longer and say goodbye to premature ejaculation Unlock the power of non-ejaculatory orgasms to skyrocket your sexual energy and confidence Master the art of conscious lovemaking to forge deeper, soul-stirring connections with your partner Get the scoop on Taoist wisdom to optimize your ejaculation frequency based on your age and constitution.



0:00 Introduction: Exploring Ejaculatory Choice for Enhanced Sexual Experiences   2:45 Orgasm vs. Ejaculation: Understanding the Difference and Benefits   5:14 Overcoming Premature Ejaculation: Techniques and Emotional Healing   7:36 Conscious Lovemaking: Deepening Intimacy and Connection   10:00 Partnered Practices: Supporting Ejaculatory Control and Energy Movement   14:08 Infusing Ejaculation with Intention: Enhancing Your Partner's Experience   20:33 Transformative Potential: Emotional Healing for Vulva Owners   24:53 Reverse Edging: A Technique for Managing Early Arousal   34:52 Vulva Owners: Building Sexual Energy and Reaping the Benefits   38:40 Overcoming Barriers: Unleashing Orgasmic Potential and Deserving Pleasure   40:50 Cultivating Presence, Trust, and Vulnerability Through Ejaculatory Choice   49:00 Taoist Wisdom: Ejaculatory Frequency Based on Age, Constitution, and Seasons   56:43 Last 10 Times Longer Program: Mastering Ejaculatory Control   57:28 Conclusion: Embracing the Journey of Sexual Reimagining    


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