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#88 Charna Cassel: From Surviving to Thriving and the Power of Somatic Therapy for Sexual Trauma Recovery

Season #2

Have you or a loved one experienced sexual trauma? Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of healing & reclaim your power? In this groundbreaking episode, psychotherapist, podcaster, & sexuality coach Charna Cassel shares her expertise on somatic therapy techniques and embodied practices that can help you navigate the path to recovery. This episode is packed with actionable insights & transformative potential. Learn how to develop compassionate boundaries, maintain intimacy during the recovery process, and unlock the tools to cultivate a healthy, pleasurable relationship with your body & sexuality.


Key Takeaways: Somatic therapy techniques & embodied practices can help survivors feel safe in their bodies & develop healthy relationships Recognizing the signs of sexual abuse is crucial for understanding its impact on relationships & sexual experiences Regulating the nervous system's response to trauma is key to managing triggers & reactions Partners of individuals with sexual trauma can support their loved ones by educating themselves, respecting boundaries, & maintaining intimacy during the healing process Developing compassionate boundaries & navigating triggers are essential skills for sexual trauma recovery



0:00 Unveiling the Journey: An Introduction to Charna Cassel   1:50 Meet Charna Cassel: Healing and Sexuality Coach   3:34 From Trauma to Triumph: Charna's Transformative Path   5:16 Embodied Healing: The Power of Somatic Therapy   7:25 Redefining Sexuality: Cultural Reflections and Connections   13:28 Breaking Free: Unlearning Trauma and Embracing Pleasure   19:48 18:04 Safe Havens: Cultivating Spaces for Healing and Growth   24:45 Boundaries Redefined: Navigating Relational Dynamics   30:03 Reclaiming the Body: Strategies for Embodied Boundaries   35:38 Partners in Healing: Supporting Loved Ones Through Trauma   40:09 Pleasure Reimagined: Exploring Joyful Intimate Connections   47:23 Shedding Light: Addressing Male Sexual Traum   52:13 Breath, Body, and Bliss: The Importance of Pelvic Floor Awareness   55:36 The Dish with Leah & Dr. Willow    

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