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#86 - Natalie Frasca: Honest Conversations on Abortion | 3 Women Get Real About the Scars & Hard-Won Wisdom of Unintended Pregnancy

Season #2

Meet Natalie Frasca, the visionary founder of the Feminine Rebellion Podcast, who is empowering women to embrace their wildness, connect to their purpose, and rise as leaders. In this raw and revelatory episode, Natalie vulnerably shares her journey of navigating unintended pregnancy, abortion, and the complex emotions that followed as a young woman. Through a powerful process of reclamation and healing, Natalie learned to embrace her needs, speak her truth, and show up authentically in her life and relationships. She now guides other women to unleash their feminine power and step into their sovereignty.



  • Discover how to have honest, sex-positive conversations with your children 
  • Learn to harness embodied healing rituals to integrate sexual/reproductive experiences
  • Explore how radical vulnerability can transform your relationships
  • Challenge cultural pressures on women's sexuality to live your authentic truth
  • Be inspired to lead empowered conversations around sexuality in your community




1:50 Meet Natalie Frasca: A Mission to Empower Women  

3:31 Natalie's Journey: Raising Sex-Positive Kids  

9:55 The Unspoken Reality: Personal Stories of Pregnancy and Abortion  

22:15 Exploring Sacred Sexuality and Personal Transformation  

25:39 The Healing Power of Vulnerability in Relationships  

33:35 Revitalizing Intimacy: A Journey to Better Sex Life  

34:51 Exploring the Depths of Intimacy and Kink  

36:25 Embracing Vulnerability: A Journey Through Trauma and Healing  

48:12 Cultivating Open Conversations on Women's Health and Sexuality  

51:58 The Power of Ritual in Personal Transformation  

59:23 Natalie's Free Gift for You!  

1:01:29 The Dish | Reflections and Insights with Leah and Dr. Willow    



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