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#85 Leah & Dr. Willow | The Missing Piece in Your Relationship - Uncover the Patterns Influencing Your Love Life

Season #2

So, darling, are you ready to transform your relationships and unlock new depths of intimacy? What would it feel like to break free from old habits that trigger you and your partner and to embrace your full relationship potential? Let’s take a dive deep into the world of childhood patterns and discover how they shape your adult relationships and intimacy. In this LxW eye-opening episode, Dr. Willow and Leah unpack the five key safety strategy patterns that develop in childhood and share game-changing insights on how to break free from limiting cycles and cultivate more presence, connection, and pleasure in your life.



  • Identify your primary and secondary childhood patterns (Leaver, Merger, Endurer, Aggressive, or Rigid)
  • Recognize triggers and how patterns show up in your relationships
  • Harness the "light side" of each pattern for personal growth and relationship harmony
  • Develop powerful tools for navigating triggers and staying present with yourself and others
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2:23 Introducing Patterns - Understanding Safety and Blockages in Intimacy
3:39 The Importance of Childhood in Shaping Responses to Triggers
4:21 Wilhelm Reich: The Originator's Controversial Legacy
6:21 How Strategy Patterns Develop
14:22 Type 1 | Deep Dive into Strategy Patterns: Discovering The Leaver
22:26 Type 2 | Exploring The Merger Pattern: From Nourishment to Neediness
29:31 Type 3 | The Endurer: Stoicism and Its Hidden Costs
36:10 Type 4 | The Aggressive Pattern: Strength, Struggle, and Survival
40:52 Type 5 | Decoding The Rigid Pattern: Discipline and Disconnection
47:04 The Benefits of Knowing the Strategy Types in Dating & in Partnership
53:40 The Light side of Strategy Patterns
54:45 Quick Review of the Strategies
56:20 Harnessing The Power of Strategy Patterns for Personal Growth
58:00 Conclusion: Embracing Patterns for Deeper Intimacy and Connections - Invitation to Study with Leah & Dr. Willow


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