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#84 Steven Kessler: Are Your Patterns Sabotaging Your Love Life? Stop Risking Your Heart

Season #2

Are you tired of experiencing the same conflicts and misunderstandings in your relationships? Do you wish you had a magic key to unlock the secrets of effective communication and deeper connection with your partner? In this groundbreaking episode of the Sex Reimagined Podcast, we sit down with Steven Kessler, the author of "The Five Personality Patterns," to explore the transformative power of understanding personality patterns in relationships. With his extensive background as a therapist and decades of experience leading workshops, Steven is the ultimate guide to help you navigate the complexities of personality patterns in relationships. 


Join us as we dive into:

  • The five fascinating personality patterns that shape our behavior and communication styles
  • Eye-opening examples of how these patterns manifest in real-life relationships and public figures
  • The surprising challenges and hidden blessings of each pattern type
  • Steven's transformative strategies for working with your partner's pattern to improve communication, reduce conflict, and foster personal growth
  • A profound understanding of your own and your partner's personality patterns
  • The life-changing realization that developing presence and breaking free from patterns is the key to personal growth and fulfilling connections




1:50 Introducing Author Steven Kessler  

3:21 Unveiling the Five Personality Patterns: A Revolutionary Approach  

4:09 The Essence of Personality Patterns: Safety Strategies from Childhood  

4:55 Presence vs. Pattern: Navigating Our Conditioned Responses  

12:19 Exploring the Five Basic Safety Strategies: A Deep Dive  

18:35 Personality Patterns in the Political Arena: A Unique Analysis  

33:49 Understanding Relationships Through Personality Patterns  

45:52 Navigating Emotional Tracking in Relationships  

46:38 Understanding Pattern Styles and Their Impact  

49:06 The Challenge of Aggressive and Leaving Patterns Together  

50:36 Developing the Skill to Read Energy in Relationships  

52:28 The Journey of Personal Growth Through Pattern Recognition  

56:59 Exploring the Complicated Dynamics of Merging Patterns  

1:05:16 Mastering Protective Styles for Relationship Longevity  

1:06:13 Anticipating the Second Book: Enhancing Relationship Skills  

1:10:05 The Dish with Leah & Dr. Willow: Unpacking the Conversation  

1:27:39 Looking Forward: The Future of Relationship Understanding



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