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#83 Alicia Davon 2.0: Shame-Free Parenting - Creating a Shame-Free Environment for Your Children

Season #2

Alicia Davon, a true luminary in the realm of sexuality and relationships returns for her 2.0 SxR interview. With a compelling background in psychology and a passion for helping others cultivate deep, meaningful connections alongside her husband Erwan originator of the Davon Method. If you've ever struggled with shame holding you back from true intimacy and fulfillment, this is a must-listen. Leah, Dr. Willow, and Alicia explore the ins and outs of overcoming shame to cultivate healthy sexuality and relationships. 



  • The nature of shame and how it impacts your life
  • Techniques to silence your inner critic and practice self-love  
  • Eye-opening insights on the "sexual self" vs "non-sexual self"
  • Wisdom for navigating shame while parenting 
  • The power of finding meaning in painful experiences
  • How to shut down negative self-talk, empowering you to break free from shame's chains.



0:00 Welcome back Alicia Davon  

2:15 The Davon Method and Relationship Support  

3:10 Strategies to Deflect The Inner Critic  

3:44 A Deep Dive into Shame and Its Effects  

5:30 Conquering the Inner Critic and Embracing Self-Talk  

7:29 The Power of Acknowledging Shame  

7:58 Transformative Tips on Navigating Inner Criticism  

11:18 Exploring the Interconnection of Emotions and Self-Liberation  

23:43 Navigating the Legacy of Religious Upbringing  

27:23 Finding Freedom from Shame: A Journey Towards Shame-Free Living  

29:50 Sexuality: A Gateway to Healing Shame  

36:14 Generational Advice on Navigating Puberty and Sexual Discovery  

1:00:00 The Dish with Leah & Dr. Willow: Unpacking the Conversation  


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