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#77 Om Rupani 2.0: Masculinity vs. Femininity - The Role of Dominance & Submission in Relationships

Season #2

Om Rupani, a renowned BDSM & tantra educator and author, sheds light on an intriguing perspective regarding the dynamics between men and women. In his thought-provoking insights, Om explores the notion that both genders are yet to fully grasp their roles in creating a nurturing and balanced relationship. During this heated discussion, you will hear Leah and Willow agree and disagree with what Om is trying to convey when he speaks of men not knowing how to hold a container for women and women not knowing how to care for men’s hearts.  



  • Om reveals the role men play in relationships—the concept of 'containment'. Describing how men need to hold a solid emotional and energetic space for women, an aspect often overlooked.
  • Om introduces the fundamental elements of 'dominance' and 'submission.' A provocative discourse shedding light on men as natural dominants and women as natural submissives.
  • We debate on the cultural biases against men—the statement that many women's visions of men are damaged and they don't genuinely see men led to a lively discussion about assumptions and stereotypes.
  • Tips for long-term relationships: how to shift perceptions, drop antagonism, and foster agreement.



1:50 Introduction to Om Rupani and His Work  

3:36 Exploring the Intersection of Tantra and BDSM  

4:25 Understanding the Complexity of Erotic Makeup  

6:35 The Journey of Self-Discovery in Sexuality  

7:36 The Role of Men in Relationships  

8:09 The Importance of Containment in Relationships  

9:23 The Challenges Men Face in Embodying Masculinity  

9:57 The Journey of Men Learning to Provide Containment  

12:11 The Impact of Ego on Men's Ability to Learn  

12:55 The Importance of Being Coachable  

14:25 The Role of Women in Relationships  

23:31 The Role of Dominance and Submission in Relationships  

39:48 The Importance of Agreement in Relationships  

44:34 Understanding Abusive Relationships  

44:53 The Concept of Dominance and Trust  

46:35 The Struggle with Pride and Victimhood  

47:23 The Perception of Men and Women  

48:13 The Misunderstanding of Competition  

49:35 The Importance of Trust and Openness  

51:52 The Misconception of Men's Hearts  

59:47 The Role of Authenticity in Relationships  

1:01:56 The Importance of Self-Reflection  

1:04:37 The Dish with Leah & Dr. Willow  

1:10:14 The Struggle with Trust and Control  

1:11:34 The Importance of Self-Awareness  

1:15:05 The Challenge of Letting Go of Control  

1:15:53 The Importance of Healthy Relationships  


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