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#76 - Dr. Willow 2.0: Go Beyond Western Medicine Using The Ancient Wisdom Approach

Season #2

Join hosts Leah Piper and Dr. Willow Brown as they explore a holistic approach to health and sexuality. They delve into Dr. Brown’s expertise in Chinese medicine and Taoist Sexuality, discussing their pieces of wisdom regarding hormonal regulation, sexual well-being, and the way different organ systems affect emotional states. Willow shares her personal journey of overcoming traumas, battling anorexia, and her spirituality. The hosts also cover how optimizing the breath can lead to better emotional balance and meditation practices. Finally, they discuss various health and wellness transformation programs emphasizing congruency, body consciousness, and the power of holistic practices.

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1:48 Dr. Willow Brown's Expertise and Approach  

3:34 Exploring the Topic of Shame  

4:50 How the Spiritual, Emotional & Psychological all Manifest in Your Body  

5:40 Dr. Willow Brown's Personal Journey  

8:04 The Impact of Shame - Eating Disorders & Body Image Issues  

11:16 The Connection Between Physical and Emotional Health  

16:02 The Role of Nutrition - Food as Medicine: Healing Your Mind as Well as Your Body  

20:32 Holistic Approach to Wellness  

29:26 Cleansing - Best Times, Best Practices  

30:10 Living by the Moon Cycles  

32:09 The Ancient Wisdom Approach - Emotional Shifts and Their Connection to Moon Cycles and the Seasons  

38:15 Addressing Sexual Incongruence and Authenticity  

40:00 The Role of Breath in Sexual Arousal and Meditation  

45:58 The Role of Qi Gong in Women's Health  

48:31 Exploring the Living Sexology Program  

54:37 The Erotic Empowerment Circle  

59:14 Prepare for Peri-Menopause


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