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#75 - Meleah Manning: Mending Broken Hearts and Letting Love Penetrate

Season #2

In this insightful episode, we dive deep with Meleah Manning, a skilled and compassionate trauma-informed dating and relationship coach. Manning focuses on assisting high-powered women to overcome past pain impacting their love life, attract their ideal partners and develop lasting, fulfilling relationships. Her unique approach uses somatic work, embodiment practices, and the power of self-trust.



  • Unpacking Somatic Practices in Relationship Healing
  • Discussion on the Dynamics of Femininity and Strength
  • Nurturing the ability to Receive
  • Understanding and Overcoming internal and external Relationship Patterns
  • The Power of Faith and Self-trust in Attracting Love


1:49 Introducing Meleah Manning  

3:09 Beginning of the Interview with Meleah Manning  

3:38 Guest's Personal Journey and Inspiration  

6:08 Exploring Somatic and Embodiment Work  

8:02 Understanding Defense Mechanisms and Emotional Blocks  

11:01 The Shift from Independence to Interdependence  

12:43 Reclaiming Femininity and Understanding Relationship Dynamics  

15:21 The Power of Receptivity and Surrender  

20:21 Understanding Attraction Patterns and Relationship Choices  

27:13 The Art of Receiving  

31:35 Embracing Emotions and Overcoming Fear  

33:08 The Journey of Cultivating Self Trust  

34:38 The Power of Self Reflection and Emotional Resilience  

35:15 Understanding Fear and Navigating Difficult Conversations  

38:25 Overcoming Heartbreak and Embracing Vulnerability  

39:24 Choosing the Right Partner and Embracing Self Worth  

44:33 The Power of Faith and Emotional Resilience in Relationships  

49:26 Becoming a Better Partner and Embracing Self Love  

52:45 The Impact of Prioritizing Your Love Life  

54:58 Meleah's Free Gift  

55:49 The Dish with Dr. Willow and Leah Piper


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