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#74 - Susan Bratton: Guides us to the Epitome of Orgasmic Possibilities!

Season #2

Join us for an insightful interview with Susan Bratton, an intimacy expert to millions, an advocate for people desiring passion throughout their lives, and a spokesperson for Gaines Wave and Femme Wave. For over 20 years, Bratton has been empowering people to optimize their sex and intimate life with tools and techniques honed through her own journey of healing after sexual trauma. With her honest and fiery nature, Susan opens up about overcoming past sexual trauma, the impact of honesty in relationships, and the advantages of polyamory. She is relentless in her mission to expand our understanding of sex and intimacy beyond conventional barriers. Her adventurous approach to life, love, and self-growth is indeed inspiring.


  •  Susan Bratton's Journey Toward Wellness
  •  Transcending Barriers with Honesty
  •  Exploring Polyamory: A Path to Expansion
  •  The Power of Sexual Healing


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1:50 Introduction to Susan Bratton: The Intimacy Expert  

3:24 Interview with Susan Bratton: Overcoming Sexual Trauma  

4:09 Susan's Genesis Story- "I wanted great sex"  

5:25 The Power of Honesty in Sexual Relationships  

6:43 The Impact of Childhood Trauma on Adult Sexuality  

10:22 The Role of Genetics in Emotional Processing  

16:57 Susan's Profound Pivotal Moment  

21:35 The Power of Multiple Lovers and Non-Monogamy  

23:29 Relationship Hacks and #TeamSweetie  

25:07 20 Different Ways to Have an Orgasm  

29:38 The Importance of Relationship Values in Sexuality  

31:36 Playing with Polyamory  

34:34 An Unusual Conversation at a Bar  

35:12 The Journey to Healing Trauma and Open Relationships  

37:11 The Art of Love Making and Heart Connection  

38:45 The Power of Oxytocin and Compassion  

40:56 The Importance of Sexual Skills and Confidence  

44:30 The Importance of Honoring Your Body's Desires  

46:05 The Impact of Sexual Confidence on Partner  

48:03 Keeping Erectile Function Alive  

49:12 Susan's Top Techniques for Men  

54:36 The Power of Communication in Sexual Relationships  

55:52 Free Resources  

57:41 The Importance of Sexual Health and Vitality  

59:00 The Dish with Leah & Dr. Willow

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