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#73 - Mare Simone 2.0: From Numb to Turned On - Heal Yourself with Tantric Breathwork

Season #2

Tantra Sex Expert Mare Simone returns to the show to discuss how sexual breathwork goes beyond the physical release of trauma, delving into the emotional and spiritual realms and addressing the roots of shame and guilt. Through breathwork, bodywork and tantra she assists individuals in reconnecting with their authentic selves, fostering self-love, and reclaiming their personal power. Her approach helps people find a pathway to healing, ultimately leading to a profound sense of freedom, wholeness, orgasms, and joy. Her authenticity and warmth lights up this conversation.


  • Mare shares her journey into Tantric healing after struggling with the lingering effects of sexual assault for 20 years
  • She guides us through the "Fire Breath Orgasm" practice - a transformational breath technique to clear blocks and activate full-body pleasure
  • We discuss overcoming trauma through cathartic breath work and movement 
  • Mare recounts a powerful recent emotional release while receiving a massage demo
  • Mare offers key breathing advice to help anchor someone who feels triggered or stuck in painful emotional states
  • We learn valuable practices for partners such as breathing into each other's mouth while toning/humming to induce altered states of consciousness and blissful connection


1:48 Introducing Mare Simone 2.0  

2:58 Start of Interview with Mare Simone  

4:48 Fire Breath Orgasm Practice  

12:42 Overcoming Trauma through Breath Work  

24:23 Igniting Yin Essence  

32:26 3 Breathing Practices to Ignite Shakti  

35:10 Willow Describes the Emotional Release Benefits Beneath Tetany  

44:04 Morning Practices For Moving Chi  

46:58 Breathing & Sounding Practices with a Lover  

49:36 Healing Breath Techniques to Get Out of Crisis  

1:01:14 Mare's Free Gift to You!  

1:04:15 The Dish with Dr. Willow & Leah


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