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#72 - Leah & Dr. Willow: From Eros to Mania - The Spectrum of Ancient Greek Love Types

Season #2

In this episode, Leah and Dr. Willow explore nine ancient Greek words for different types of love. They discuss the meanings and nuances of eros (sexual/passionate love), philia (soulful friendship), storge (familial love), pragma (longstanding love), ludus (playful/fun love), mania (obsessive love), meraki (wholehearted creativity), philiautia (self-love), and agape (unconditional love). 


  • Eros represents sexual desire and attraction while also encompassing a sense of aliveness and openness to what draws you in
  • Philia refers to soul connections with friends, family, and romantic partners 
  • Storge describes the familial love & the natural devotion and care felt between family members.
  • Pragma refers to mature, long-term love built on shared goals, compromise, and commitment 
  • Mania can manifest as obsessiveness and emotional instability in relationships
  • Meraki involves doing something wholeheartedly and creatively with love and devotion  
  • Philiautia is described as self-love; it provides the foundation on which healthy love with others is built on.
  • Agape refers to unconditional, spiritual love, often described as the ‘love for all’.
  • Ludus represents a joyful, playful expression of love characterized by fun, laughter, casual connections, and sensory pleasures.


2:49 Eros - Sexual Love  

6:53 Philia - Soulful Friendship Love  

9:23 Storge - Familial Love  

10:52 Pragma - Longstanding Love  

12:56 Ludus - Playful Love  

15:01 Mania - Obsessive Love  

21:23 Meraki - Wholehearted Creativity  

27:17 Philautia - Love of Self  

34:56 Agape - Unconditional Love  

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