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#69 - Dr. Emily Spaeth: Navigating Sex After Birth and Breastfeeding

Season #2


In this intimate conversation, lactation consultant and pelvic health expert Dr. Emily Spaeth unpacks the pleasure and sensuality of breasts, especially after giving birth. Going beyond nourishment, she explores how breasts can be a source of enjoyment and personal reclamation postpartum.

We got candid about...

  • Struggling with exhaustion, bodily pain, and messy emotions as new moms
  • Overcoming shame & guilt to ask for support
  • Getting creative about intimacy with your partner when baby is clinging!
  • Learning your post-baby turn-ons and new erogenous zones
  • Healing from difficult breastfeeding journeys
  • Making decisions about breast implants or reductions in light of future feeding plans



1:47 Introducing Dr. Emily Speath  

3:56 Dr. Emily's Genisis Journey  

7:36 The Postpartum Sexual Journey  

11:59 Why the Areola Pigmentation Changes  

14:06 The Hormones of Breastfeeding  

17:26 When is it Safe to Have Sex Again?  

23:36 Postpartum Depression  

30:51 When to Stop Breastfeeding  

34:25 Overcoming Shame About Not Being Able to Breastfeed  

44:43 Breast Feeding with Implants and Breast Reductions  

51:44 Free or Low-Cost Support  

53:56 Dr. Emily's Classes  

56:45 The Dish with Leah & Dr. Willow



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