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#68 - Freddy Zental Weaver: Boost Your Sexual Energy with Tantric Meditation

Season #2

Get ready to go deep on masculine sexuality and empowerment with Author and Tantra Nova Co-Founder Freddy Zental Weaver, who has guided thousands to find greater intimacy and profound spiritual and relational fulfillment through his books, workshops, and TV appearances. 


  • Freddy dives into how men are conditioned to hide vulnerability and the importance of integrating masculine and feminine energies. 
  • You'll learn practices like breathwork and PC muscle control to separate ejaculation from orgasm, building consciousness around sexual energy.
  •  At 13, Freddy began exploring sexual meditation, using it to manifest his dream of a basketball scholarship. Hear how he has applied this in his own life. 
  • Discover a step-by-step guide to sexual meditation: setting intentions, entering an altered state through arousal, and visualizing your desired outcome. 
  • Gain insights on introducing sexuality to kids in a shame-free way and empowering them to understand their bodies.
  • Freddy shares what happens in his powerful tantra workshops for men, focused on energy work and non-ejaculatory practices.



0:00 Introducing Freddy Zentel Weaver  

2:50 Interview with Freddy Zentel Weaver  

2:58 Sexual Shame and the Masculine  

7:00 Separate Ejaculation from Orgasm  

8:11 How Sexual Meditation Can Work for You  

18:46 Self-Pleasuring is Beyond Masturbation  

29:47 How to Overcome the Shame Cycle  

36:55 Change your Past Experiences in the Present   

41:17 Best Approach When Talking to Your Kids About Sex  

46:40 Freddy's Awesome Gift to You!  

47:47 Freddy's Tantra Classes for Men  

50:55 The Dish with Leah & Dr. Willow  


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