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#63 - LxW: Beyond the Bedroom: Enriching Intimacy in 12 Ways

Season #2

Even if you think you have amazing intimacy already, we guarantee you'll learn something new from this episode. Tantric and Taoist intimacy experts Leah Piper and Dr. Willow Brown will give you a whole new appreciation for the richness intimacy can bring into our lives by diving deep into the 12 types of intimacy you can experience beyond sex. We share our own stories and struggles with cultivating intimacy in these areas and provide practical tips and tools anyone can use to strengthen their intimate bonds with romantic partners, friends, family members, and more.


 Explore how to cultivate deeper connections through:

  • Sexual Intimacy - Going beyond sex to true vulnerability and presence
  • Emotional Intimacy - Being seen and sharing dreams together
  • Creative Intimacy - Co-creating art, goals, and memories that bond you
  • Recreational Intimacy - Having fun through shared interests and hobbies
  • Work Intimacy - Supporting each other's careers and collaborating
  • Intellectual Intimacy- Having deep conversations and mutual interests
  • Aesthetic Intimacy - Appreciating beauty, culture, and tastes together
  • Crisis Intimacy - Being there for each other during life's hard times
  • Commitment Intimacy - Devoting to your relationship's growth and vision
  • Conflict Intimacy - Turning towards each other to deepen trust
  • Communication Intimacy - Being heard and understanding each other's values
  • Spiritual Intimacy - Experiencing awe, belonging, and meaning together



0:02 Introducing 12 Intimacy Types  

0:54 12 Intimacy Types Episode  

2:59 1. Sexual Intimacy  

10:15 2. Emotional Intimacy  

16:11 3. Creative Intimacy  

18:27 4. Recreational Intimacy  

20:57 5. Work Intimacy  

23:24 6. Intellectual Intimacy  

26:12 7. Aesthetic Intimacy  

29:48 8. Commitment Intimacy  

33:25 9 & 10. Conflict Intimacy & Communication Intimacy  

40:20 11. Crisis Intimacy  

45:00 12. Spiritual Intimacy  

47:29 Leah & Dr. Willow's Final Musings on Intimacy  

49:58 Leah & Willow's Top & Bottom 3 Intimacy Type



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