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#62 - Dr. Alison Ash: Conquering Insecurities & Techniques for Oral Sex Success

Season #2

Hosts Dr. Willow and Leah got down & dirty with sex educator Dr. Alison Ash, who is a trauma-informed intimacy coach, Stanford University Lecturer, author, and founder of In this juicy conversation all about optimizing oral pleasure, letting go of expectations, & getting out of your head, we dived into the skills needed to be masterful at giving & receiving oral sex. With compassion, communication, and the techniques we uncovered with Dr. Ash, you can leave your partner gasping in ecstasy and eager to return the favor. 



  • Don’t skip the warmup! Tease and torment with thigh massage and lip nibbles.
  • Flicker a pointed tongue for intense sensation, or go broad with a soft, flat tongue.   
  • Allow laughter to release any tension; this is about having fun, not being perfect.
  • Savor their scent, and describe aloud how amazing their genitals look and taste.
  • Lavish licks on the areas you desire most. This transfers ravenous, worshipful energy that facilitates deeper arousal and connection.
  • Plus, many more actionable techniques you will want to try tonight!





0:00 Introducing Dr. Alison Ash  

1:02 The Interview with Dr. Alison Ash  

4:07 Oral Sex - Simple or Complicated?  

5:46 What We Enjoy Changes and Prioritizing Communication  

6:51 Oral Sex - Three Areas of Focus  

11:40 This or That Questions & Flat v.s. Flat Tongue  

15:47 Don't Forget the Warm-up  

23:37 Great Tips to Spicing up Routine, Boring, and Obligatory Sex  

25:50 Obstacles People Face with Fellatio / Blowjobs & Creative Solutions  

39:16 Navigating Insecurities  

42:57 Dirty Talk  

43:58 How to Have an Orgasm by Giving Oral Sex  

48:32 You Love to Receive Oral Sex, but your Partner Doesn't Love to Give it...  

51:44 How You Can Work with Dr. Ash  

54:59 The Dish with Leah & Dr. Willow


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