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#60 - Melissa Saavedra: Diversifying Romance Novels and Destigmatizing Desire

Season #2

Melissa Saavedra is a proud Latina and US Navy veteran who is the visionary founder of Steamy Lit and the innovative Steam Box. Leah Piper, Dr. Willow Brown, and Melissa tackle taboo topics, from the power of erotica to confronting sexual shame, challenging gender roles in the military, and overcoming religious guilt associated with indulging in steamy reads. Together, they create a safe space for open conversations, advocating sexual positivity and self-pleasure. 



  • Discover how Melissa's work is reshaping the narrative around intimacy and cultivating diversity on readers' bookshelves worldwide. 
  • How reading erotica can help you explore your desires and embrace your true self. 
  • Break free from societal norms and expand the boundaries of sexual expression.
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0:00 Introducing Melissa Saavedra  

1:31 Interview with Melissa Saavedra  

1:42 Steamy Lit  

2:43 Melissa Saavedra's Origin Story  

5:42 The Cultural Stereotype in Books  

10:10 The Beginning of Steamy Lit  

18:14 Creating a Community of Women  

26:31 Sex Scenes in Books  

39:28 Exploring the Navy and Gender Roles  

45:23 Becoming Comfortable Talking About Sex  

50:18 Toxic Masculinity  

1:00:55 How to Register for Steamy Lit  

1:04:37 The Dish with Leah & Dr. Willow




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