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#59 - Leah and Dr. Willow: 6 Red Flags - Signs Your Relationship Is Toxic

Season #2

Unhealthy relationships can slowly chip away at trust, intimacy and fulfillment. Certain destructive patterns like criticism, betrayal, and volatility create toxic dynamics between partners. How can you identify and overcome these insidious threats to the health of your relationship?

Intimacy experts Leah and Dr. Willow reveal the 6 most common unhealthy relationship patterns. Listen as they break down each problematic dynamic with real-life examples. You'll learn constructive solutions to address the core issues, reconnect and rebuild stronger bonds. Develop self-awareness around relationship pitfalls and gain actionable communication skills. Ready to connect on a deeper level? Tune in now.



  • Belittling erodes self-esteem
  • Jealousy stems from insecurity
  • Betrayal ruptures trust
  • Deflection avoids accountability
  • Volatility creates hostility
  • Guilting manipulates covertly



0:05 Introducing 6 Unhealthy Relationship Signs  

1:41 6 Unhealthy Relationship Signs Episode  

3:25 1. Belittling  

12:21 2. Jealousy and Possessiveness  

17:15 3. Betrayal  

24:51 4. Deflecting responsibility  

32:29 5. Volatility  

39:05 6. Guilting  


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