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#58 - Shana James: Honest Sex - Unlocking Vulnerability for Erotic Freedom

Season #2

Intimacy coach & author Shana James has supported thousands of men in overcoming intimacy obstacles like shame and trauma to unlock the true depths of their sexuality. In this in-depth interview, Shana shares wisdom on healing negative beliefs, communicating desires, and reimagining the possibilities of what sex looks & feels like.



  • Healing negative beliefs around sex through compassion and curiosity
  • Communicating intimate desires and understanding consent
  • Expanding our concept of sex beyond the physical into full-body and energetic experiences
  • Embracing vulnerability and revealing our true selves to partners
  • Overcoming pervasive sexual shame in our culture
  • Tangible practices for building intimacy and erotic connection





0:11 Introducing Shana James  

1:16 Shana James Interview  

3:52 Exploring Sexuality in the Aging Man  

10:33 A Juicy Tip for Women in Relationship with a Man  

18:37 Deepening Connection through Vulnerability  

22:24 How to Get Off the Hamster Wheel of Emotions  

25:40 Shana's Personal Journey of Overcoming Shame  

28:47 Learning to Take a Pause  

46:40 Vulnerability is Crucial in Relationships  

48:10 Teaching Teens  

54:45 Shana James' Book - Honest Sex  

57:13 Shana's Generous Gift  

58:21 The Dish with Leah & Dr. Willow    





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