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#57 - Jennifer Kaylo: Online Dating Tips for Open Relationships

Season #2

Navigating open relationships can be very challenging; that’s why we’ve brought on an open relationship expert and coach, Jennifer Kaylo. Whether polyamorous, into swinging, or in a monogamish relationship, it’s crucial to the success and longevity of your relationship to have the tips, tools, and practices in your back pocket when in an open relationship. Jenifer helps her clients clearly define the type of open relationship they want so that they can properly educate themselves on how to go about setting up boundaries, agreements, and have clear communication with their partner about what they are comfortable with and what they are not. 



0:00 Introducing Jennifer Kaylo  

1:11 Interview with Jennifer Kaylo  

2:50 Living the Life You Thought You Wanted  

14:56 Creating the Life You Really Want  

19:33 The Sexual Bucket List  

24:02 Having a Committed 3rd Partner  

26:12 Dating Apps for Open Relationships & Folks Interested in Polyamory  

34:11 The Differences Between Poly, Swinging, & Monogamish  

41:05 The Fear of Fucking Up  

44:42 Jealousy, Maturity & Staying Sane  

46:03 Not Giving Up  

49:05 Seek Out Support from Mentors, Therapists, Coaches, & Community  

51:46 Jennifer's Free Gift to our Listeners  

53:09 The Dish with Leah and Dr. Willow



  • How to handle jealousy and discomfort directly through communication
  • Steps to take before approaching your partner about opening up
  • Defining the different types of non-monogamy that exist 
  • Figuring out what works for you and your partner
  • Managing jealousy and all the other emotions that come with open relationships
  • How to tailor online dating profiles and the best app choices to fit your specific interests. Be upfront and find communities open to what you have to offer.

Jennifer provides invaluable tips for exploring non-monogamy consciously. The key is doing your personal work first, communicating needs clearly with your partner, and finding specialized support. Get the insider scoop on ethical open relationships with this episode!



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