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#55 - From Casual to Committed: An Expert's Playbook

Season #2

Looking to level up your love life, find the one or improve your relationships? In this week's episode, we're thrilled to be speaking with dating and relationship expert Michelle Hoffman, author of Life Worth Living and Soul Parenting.



  • Getting crystal clear on the partner and relationship dynamic you desire
  • Moving through the 3 key stages - chemistry, casual, commitment - consciously
  • Crafting an authentic dating profile that attracts your ideal matches
  • Understanding your core values - and finding someone with complementary values
  • Knowing when you're truly "relationship ready" before seeking a partner
  • Building self-awareness to manifest the love you want
  • Strengthening communication, trust, and respect in your relationships

Whether you're looking to attract "the one" or add more joy and connection to your current partnership, this episode provides a wealth of wisdom and practical tips. Get ready to gain clarity, elevate your love IQ, and start making positive shifts!



0:00 Are you Relationship Ready?  

0:00 Your Personal Profile v.s. Your Online Profile  

0:05 Introducing Michelle Hoffman  

1:42 Interview with Michelle Hoffman  

7:42 The 3 Layers of your Relationship Arc   

13:16 Who Are You Not?  

15:27 Strategies on Making the Best Decisions  

22:29 Values Can Work Against You  

25:53 Complementary Core Values  

40:04 What About Couples Who Have Never Discovered Core Values  

41:52 From Chemistry to Casual to Committed  

45:17 The 7 Things We All Need  

53:12 This is Called Dating  

55:28 Casual to Commitment Phase  

1:03:30 Michelle's Free Gift for our Listeners  

1:04:04 Michelle's Books You Should Checkout

1:05:07 The Dish with Leah & Dr. Willow



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