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#54 - Leah & Dr. Willow: Are You Chasing the Wrong Kind of Love?

Season #2

Want to turn a promising connection into a conscious, lasting partnership? Understanding the difference between love's magnetic energy & its intimate emotion is key. In this episode, hosts Leah & Dr. Willow help you navigate the thrilling, complex terrain of new relationships. You’ll discover practical ways to manage expectations, communicate desires, and cultivate self-love & presence. Whether you’re longing for deeper intimacy, looking to attract a soulmate, or creating sacred trust in a budding romance, this wisdom will guide you to relationship success.


Listeners will discover:

  • Practical strategies to manage emotional attachment and expectations when dating
  • Exercises to identify mismatches in values early in relationships
  • Ways to openly communicate intentions to protect each other's hearts
  • Tips for redirecting into love's energy when feelings start to shift
  • How to use intimate practices like Tantra consciously to manifest desires

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Time Stamps:

0:05 Introducing the Energy of Love vs the Emotion of Love  

1:04 Why it's Important to Know the Difference Between the Energy vs Emotion of Love  

2:55 What is the Emotion of Love?  

3:35 What is the Energy of Love?  

6:17 Game Changer for Dating Frustration  

8:19 Hate & Love Co-exist in the Heart  

9:50 Working with Daddy Issues in the Castle of the Heart  

14:54 Navigating Clients / Students Falling in Love  

17:01 The Felt Sense Difference Between the Energy or Love & the Emotion of Love  

23:54 When the Emotion of Love Take Over the Energy of Love  

25:00 How Leah Managed Her Emotion of Love While Dating  

28:40 Using Sex Magic to Pull in The One  

31:54 It Comes Down to Communication Risks  

35:07 Getting back to the Energy of Love  



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