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#53 - Erotic Tales and Bedtime Stories with Lala Jones

Season #2

This week's Sexpert is Lala Jones, founder of Lala's Bedtime Tales Erotic Podcast. She discusses the mental health benefits of reading and listening to erotica, using it to heal sexual trauma, and how it can enhance relationships.


This episode offers useful insights for listeners, including:

  • Learn how reading erotica can help reduce anxiety and social stress
  • Discover how writing and listening to erotic stories can help heal sexual trauma
  • Get tips on using erotica to spice up long-term relationships
  • Find new erotic authors and stories across various genres and kinks
  • Understand why women may prefer erotica over visual pornography


Time Stamps:

[00:00:05] Introducing Alicia Davon
[00:01:27] Alicia Davon’s Interview
[00:02:59] Cultivating New Passions In Long Term Relationships
[00:09:31] Mismatched Libido
[00:13:52] The Anatomy Of An Orgasm
[00:15:57] Going Beyond Orgasm To Extended Orgasmic States
[00:18:55] The Origin Story Of One Taste's Nicole Dadone's Orgasmic Meditation (Om)
[00:20:37] Extended Orgasm For Men
[00:23:33] Extended Orgasm's 2 Simple Principles
[00:24:32] How Long Is The Extended Orgasm?
[00:28:07] What Does An Extended Orgasm Feel Like?
[00:30:07] Do You Need A Partner To Practice Extended Orgasm?
[00:31:49] Unorgasmic Women Are Having Huge Breakthroughs With The Extended Orgasm Practice.
[00:37:12] How Is Orgasmic Meditation Different From Oming
[00:39:07] Extended Orgasm And The Role Of Communication
[00:41:43] Hand Positions For The Stroker During Extended Orgasm
[00:43:01] What About The Use Of Oil And Lubes For Extended Orgasm Practices?
[00:46:02] Free Tickets & Discounts To The Pleasure Course Only For Our Listeners
[00:47:37] The Five Keys To Soul Rocking Relationships
[00:52:52] The Dish


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