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#52 - Bridging Religion & Sexuality with Dr. Mike Frazier

Season #2

Dr. Mike Frazier, M.D. is a psychiatrist and Christian marriage coach who helps high-achieving Christian men have more intimate marriages. In this episode, he interviews our hosts, Dr. Willow Brown and Leah Piper, about integrating spirituality and sexuality to heal trauma and enhance pleasure and connection. 


This candid cross-podcast conversation offers useful insights for listeners, including:

  • Learning somatic tools to unlock stored trauma in the body for sexual healing
  • Understanding how to bring God into the bedroom in a way that expands pleasure
  • Discovering practices like eye gazing, tantric massage, and breathwork for deeper intimacy
  • Gaining perspective on overcoming religious shame and taboos around sex
  • Appreciating the value of attuning to your partner's needs for mutual fulfillment


"I had a 3-minute orgasm and then a 5-minute orgasm. All I know is that I had transcended and felt like I was surfing in a perpetual wave pool of pleasure." - Beth

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