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#34 - The Secret Sauce to Relationships with Alison Armstrong

Season #2


Welcome to the Sex Reimagined Podcast, where we are delighted to have Alison Armstrong, renowned author and educator, as our guest. Join us as we delve into intriguing discussions about gender differences and effective ways to enhance communication and intimacy. Alison, famous for her widely acclaimed online series on "Understanding Men" and "Understanding Women," offers practical solutions for improving relationships. In this episode, she shares her personal journey of reigniting her sexual spark in her 60s with a new love. We also explore the significance of ultimatums, deal breakers, and requirements as vital conversations within any relationship. Tune in for an enlightening conversation that will inspire and empower you to transform your own experiences of love and sexuality.




▪️ Discover how Alison Armstrong navigated the grieving process and found healing after loss, sharing her personal experiences and insights.
▪️ Gain valuable wisdom from Alison as she shares her journey of finding love in her 60s, proving that it's never too late to experience a fulfilling romantic relationship.

▪️ The importance of discussing requirements, ultimatums, and deal breakers early on in a relationship to prevent issues from arising later on. Don't wait until it's too late!




[00:00] Introducing, Alison Armstrong

[02:29] Your 60's is the new 20's when it comes to sex 

[04:07] The Breakthrough You Experience When You Honor Yourself

[06:46] The Role of Desire In A Relationship

[12:44] Ultimatums, Deal Breakers, and Requirements

[31:05] There’s a Cover Charge Before Intimacy

[42:01] Success Stories from Working With Alison

[52:45] Fly Your Freaky Flag

[51:12] Alison’s Luxe Program

[57:38] Let’s Dish on Alison Armstrong




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