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#28 - Chakras; the unknown path to Epic Sex

Season #2


Welcome to a brand new episode of "Sex Reimagined Podcast" with your favorite hosts, Leah and Willow! In this episode, we are going to demystify the chakra system and explore why it's the perfect map for anyone seeking to be a master lover.

Have you ever wondered how to connect with your partner on a deeper level? Or how to unlock your own sexual potential? Look no further! The chakra system, an ancient Indian energy map, can help guide us towards a more profound understanding of our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Join us as we delve into each of the seven chakras, exploring their unique qualities and how they relate to sexuality and intimacy. We'll provide practical tips and exercises to help balance and activate each chakra, and ultimately enhance our capacity for love and pleasure.

So, whether you're looking to reignite the spark in your current relationship, or wanting to attract a new lover, this episode is for you! Don't miss out on this transformative conversation with Leah and Willow, available now on "Sex Reimagined" podcast.



▪️ Where each chakra is, what they are, and why when activated, they lead to epic sex.

▪️ The psychological imprint of each chakra and why, when touched with intention, they can relieve the body from emotional pain and provide lasting sexual healing.

▪️ How to consciously touch another or your own chakras for sexual arousal and sexual healing.

▪️ The powerful connection between the chakras and the endocrine system.



[00:00] Introduction to Chakras

[03:54] What are Chakras?

[13:05] First Chakra | The Anal Cavity

[22:02] Second Chakra | The Genitals

[27:42] Third Chakra | The Solar Plexus

[38:37] Fourth Chakra | The Heart

[45:59] Fifth Chakra | The Throat

[53:28] Sixth Chakra | The 3rd Eye / Brow Center

[58:30] Seventh Chakra | The crown / Top of the head 


Co-Hosts Dr. Willow Brown & Leah Piper bring a wealth of wisdom through their combined 40 years of expertise in human sexuality, health, and spiritual growth.  Leah is a Tantric Sex Master Coach and Positive Psychology Facilitator, while Dr. Willow is a Chinese & Functional Medicine Doctor and Taoist Sexology Teacher.  When these two devotees of love come together, they blend and weave the ancient teachings of Tao and Tantra for the modern lover with humor, insight, and wisdom.


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