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#26 - How To Keep It Spicy When You Have Kids With Carin Rockind

Season #2


Carin Rockind has a Master’s in Positive Psychology Coach, a former Happiness Guru on SiriusXM; she helps empower people to thrive. She works in big companies like Amazon, Capital One, Avon, and LinkedIn, and she is also the founder of Women's Global Happiness Day, which is a not-for-profit effort to eradicate the women's depression epidemic worldwide.



▪️ Why a women’s self-worth gets buried beneath negative beliefs and what she can do to free herself from layers of inherited patriarchy. 

▪️ Pain-to-Purpose - How to make meaning from pain and suffering

▪️ How to reimagine sexing-up infertility. 

▪️ Why you have to double and triple down on intentionality when raising babies if you don’t want to lose that intimate connection.



[00:00] Introducing Carin Rockind

[01:29] Perfect should mean Happy... Right?

[04:26] Maybe you're Bipolar?

[06:26] Best Decision of my Life

[08:00] Institute of Woman

[09:26] What's the biggest obstacle to women feeling whole?

[19:41] If there's no escaping pain, what's it there for?

[25:05] Post-Traumatic Growth

[29:01] Contractions, Depression, and Positive Psychology

[32:30] Oh, My Goddess, I'm a Sexual Being

[34:57] The Fertility Journey & Reimagining Sex when you have a Young Kids

[58:00] Time to Dish - Carin Rockind's Episode




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BOOK - When God Was a Woman 

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BOOK - Come As You Are 

TEACHER - Dr. Martin Seligman


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