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#25 - Vulva Oracle Readings with Sierra Sullivan & Julie Avena

Season #2


Introduce Sexpert and their accomplishments. How does this episode benefit listeners or help solve a problem?  Founder, Sierra Sullivan and co-founder Julie Avena of the Portal Priestess Mystery School for Women share their creation of The Art of Pussyology and why experiencing a Pussy Oracle Reading may be the healing your sexual awakening needs! This just might be your  “come to Mary Magdalene” moment.



▪️ The healing origin story of pussyology and how Sierra became the first pussy oracle.

▪️ Why it’s important that the process for vulva oracle reading is held in a non-sexual space.

▪️ What happens when women feel seen, supported, and understood by other women regarding their bodies. 

▪️ New buzzwords like… Pussy of Honor, the Portal of all Life, the Portal in the Sky, Phases of her Flower,  the Council of Infinite Beings, and the OG Star Gate.

▪️ Why  Modern Day Mystery Schools deserve a seat at the table.



[00:00] Thank you for your review!

[00:35] The Portal Priestesses - Julie and Sierra Introduction

[00:35] The Portal Priestesses - Julie and Sierra Introduction

[02:58] Welcome Julie & Sierra!!

[05:02] Leah explains how the Temple for the Sacred Portal group call is setup

[09:03] The Origin Story of the Pussy Oracle

[15:22] A Spiritual Reclamation Ritual for the Sisterhood

[17:46] Gazing upon the Yoni with Loving Eyes

[19:04] What are the "Codes and Archetypes" to be found within the Yoni?

[21:16] Secrets of the Yoniverse - a video filled with Pussies found in Nature

[22:43] What does a Trained Oracle Look for?

[24:59] What kinds of Healings Transpire for the "Pussy of Honor?"

[27:09] Leah's Experience of Witnessing a Pussy Oracle Reading

[29:03] The Taoist Tradition of Reading the Face to Read the Sexual Energy of a person

[31:57] Surrendering Control and Allowing the "Mystery" to lead the Way

[43:13] Free Gift from Sierra & Julie

[46:50] The Portal Priestess Program

[50:56] Program Recap

[52:28] What is Eden World?

[58:25] Time to Dish - Pussy Oracle Readings 



Temple of the Sacred Portal - Monthly Temple experience 

Portal Priestess Initiation Program - Now Enrolling

FREE GIFT - Love Your Yoni Mini-Course



BOOK: Vagina by Naomi Wolf 

BOOK: The Magdalene Manuscript By Tom Kenyon


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